1. The Monarch (Danaus plexippus)

2. The Viceroy (Limenitis archippus)

3. Red-Spotted Purple (Limenitis arthemis astyanax)

4. Great Spangled Fritillary (Speyeria cybele)

5. Tiger Swallowtail (Papilio glaucus)

6. Pipevine Swallowtail (Battus philenor)

7. Giant Swallowtail (Papilio cresphontes)

8. Zebra Swallowtail (Protographium marcellus)

9. Black Swallowtail (Papilio polyxenes)

10. Cabbage White (Pieris rapae)

11. Orange Sulphur (Colias eurytheme)

12. Clouded Sulphur (Colias philodice)

13. Southern Dogface (Colias cesonia)

14. Zebra Longwing (Heliconius charithonia)

15. Northern Pearly-Eye (Enodia anthedon)

16. Common Wood Nymph (Cercyonis pegala)

17. California Sister (Adelpha californica)

18. Milbert's Tortoiseshell (Aglais milberti)

19. Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta)

20. The Buckeye (Junonia coenia)

21. Question Mark (Polygonia interrogationis)

22. Comma Butterfly (Polygonia c-album)

23. Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui)

24. Mourning cloak (Nymphalis antiopa)

25. The Blues (Family Lycaenidae)

26. The Skippers (Family Hesperiidae)