être to be; being
avoir to have
aller to go
faire to do, make
dire to say, tell
pouvoir can, to be able to
vouloir to want
savoir to know
voir to see
devoir to have to, must; duty, test
venir to come, occur
suivre to follow
parler to speak, talk
prendre to take, get
croire to believe, think
aimer to love, like, be fond of
falloir it is necessary, must, have to
passer to pass, go by, cross
penser to think
attendre to wait for, expect
trouver to find
laisser to leave
arriver to arrive
donner to give, give away
regarder to look at, watch
appeler to call, ring
partir to go, leave, go away
mettre to put, put on, wear
rester to stay, remain
arrêter to stop
connaître to know, experience
demander to ask, ask for, be looking for
comprendre to understand
sortir to go out; take out
entendre to hear, listen to, understand
chercher to look for, seek
aider to help, aid
essayer to try, try out, test
revenir to come back, return
jouer to play
finir to finish, end
perdre to lose, miss
sentir to smell, sniff, feel
rentrer to bring in, take in; to get in, go in, come home
vivre to live, be alive, go through
rendre to return, give back, repay
tenir to hold, run, keep, last
oublier to forget, miss
travailler to work, work on, practice
manger to eat
entrer to go in, enter, come in
devenir to become
commencer to start, begin
payer to pay
tirer to pull, draw
ouvrir to open
changer to change, exchange
excuser to forgive, pardon, excuse
dormir to sleep; to lie idle
occuper to occupy, live in, take up
marcher to walk, march, go
envoyer to send, throw, dispatch, refer
apprendre to learn, to hear (about)
boire to drink (consume alcohol), to soak up
garder to keep, to look after, to guard
montrer to show, point out
asseoir to sit down, sit up
porter to carry, wear
prier to pray
servir to serve
écrire to write
retrouver to find; to meet
gagner to win, earn
acheter to buy
rappeler to remind, remember, call back, be reminiscent of
lire to read
monter to go up, rise, come up
quitter to leave, depart
emmener to take (somebody), take along
toucher to touch
continuer to continue, go on
Raconter to tell
répondre to answer, reply
sauver to save
rencontrer to meet, encounter
fermer to close, shut
valoir to hold, apply; to be worth
compter to count
bouger to move
apporter to bring, supply
décider to decide
vendre to sell
expliquer to explain, account for
agir to act, behave; work, take effect
adorer to adore, love
recevoir to receive, to get
utiliser to use
coucher to put to bed, lay down, to sleep
préférer to prefer
offrir to offer, give
préparer to prepare, make, get ready
choisir to choose
conduire to drive, lead
chanter to sing
présenter to introduce, present
accepter to accept
refuser to refuse, turn down
terminer to end, finish
amuser to amuse, entertain
intéresser to interest
Rire to laugh, have fun, joke
pardonner to forgive, pardon, excuse
embrasser to kiss; to embrace, encompass
danser to dance
détester to hate, detest
maintenir to keep, maintain
supposer to suppose, assume
épouser to marry, to espouse
approcher to approach
craindre to fear, to be afraid of
crier to shout
inviter to invite
arranger to arrange, to organize
remercier to thank
répéter to repeat; to go over, rehearse
signer to sign
accompagner to go with, accompany
oser to dare
permettre Allow
annuler Cancel
laver Clean
se plaindre Complain
faire du mal Hurt
avoir besoin to have
épeler to spell
traduire Translate
éteindre turn off
allumer turn on
se réveiller wake up
ajouter to add
goûter to taste
coûter to cost
cuire to cook
décrire to describe
effacer to erase
enseigner to teach
nettoyer to clean
noter to write down
reconnaître to recognize
remplacer to replace
visiter to visit
souhaiter to wish
tomber to fall
acclamer to cheer, acclaim
accorder to admit
accourir to hurry
accrocher to hang (up)
accueillir to welcome
acquérir to acquire
adjoindre to appoint
admirer to admire
annoncer to announce
arracher to pull up/out
augmenter to increase
avoir raison to be right
blaguer to joke
causer to chat, cause
cheminer to walk on
confondre to confuse
conseiller to recommend
dépenser to spend
emprunter to borrow
endormir to fall asleep
éviter to avoid
féliciter to congratulate
geindre to groan
informer to inform
nommer to name
louer to rent
ressentir to feel
secouer to shake
soutenir to support
jurer to swear, vow
méprendre to mistake
mélanger to mix
apprendre par coeur to memorize
reconduire to renew
rejeter to reject
gérer to manage
refléter to reflect
presser to squeeze
répandre to spread
frapper to knock
remettre to put back (on)
revêtir to put on
enregistrer to record
pêcher to fish
rougir to redden
tousser to cough
pleurer to cry