Snake scales help them breathe underwater.
A snake skeleton has 600-1800 bones, depending on the species.
Only 70% of snakes lay eggs.
Snakes can live up to 170 years.
Pico jackfruit snake venom could possibly cure cancer.
Albino snakes are sensitive to UV rays.
Denim is effective protection against snake venom.
Snake teeth are always curved backwards.
Snake venom is deadly saliva. 
Dreams about snakes have both negative and positive meanings.
Snake poop looks like bird droppings. 
There are no snakes in New Zealand.
Snakes shed 3-6 times a year.
There is an island in Brazil that only has snakes.
Snakes only eat 6-30 meals a year.
Scaleless snakes are popular pets. 
Flying snakes exist. 
1 in 3 adults have a snake phobia. 
The Titanoboa is the largest snake fossil ever found. 
Inland taipan snakes can kill 100 men in one bite.
The black mamba is the world’s fastest snake.
The death adder strikes the fastest out of any snake.
Snakes can explode after eating too much.
Snakes drink with their throats.
Snakes use their tongues to navigate.
A snake’s fangs only last about 6–10 weeks. 
Australia carries the most species of venomous snakes in the world.
Snakes can eat things 75-100% bigger than their own size.
The more a snake eats, the more offspring it can bear. 
A snake’s body will fail if temperatures reach below 10°C.
Some snakes can retract their fangs. 
A stressed snake may eat itself.
Snakes don’t stop growing. 
The St. Lucia racer is the most endangered snake. 
Half of all snake casualties are from India. 
Snakes are immune to their own venom.
Anacondas mate in a massive ball.
Mad snake disease can make snakes tangle into each other.
The king cobra is believed to be one of the most intelligent snakes. 
Sea snakes can dive over 300 feet deep into the ocean.
In one state in India, snake shrines are a household necessity.
Snakes don’t have external ears. 
A hognose snake is known for its unique snout.
The garter snake is the most common snake. 
Snake repellents usually come in pellets.
A headless snake can still bite.
Snake Venom is the strongest beer in the world.
Snakes sunbathe. 
The cottonmouth snake is the only venomous water snake found in North America.
The bull snake copies rattlesnakes.
The Mozambique spitting cobra has a 100% accuracy rate.
A pine snake spends most of its time underground.
The Sonoran Coral snake farts when scared.
Chicken snakes are real.
Snakes can’t blink.
Snake charmers make their flutes out of a vegetable. 
Snake eggs don’t have the same texture as bird eggs.
The black racer snake is a constrictor that doesn’t constrict.
You could easily mistake a coral snake for a milk snake. 
Pythons kill their prey by suffocating it.
Not all venomous snakes have hollow teeth.
Snakes hibernate at different times.
Some cultures believe snakes are immortal.
Snakes were also seen as guardians of the underworld.
All snakes are cold-blooded.
Two-headed snakes don’t survive long. 
All snakes are carnivorous.
Vietnam has a wine made of cobra blood. 
A snake can throw up in distress. 
Some snakes can reproduce asexually.
A man once bit a cobra that bit him and had no symptoms. 
The black mamba used to have a 100% fatality rate.
A python got loose at Google HQ on April 1.
A rattlesnake’s tail muscles are one of the fastest muscles of any animal.
Newborn snakes have as much venom as an adult snake.
Snakes can survive 2 years without food by digesting its organs.
Samuel L. Jackson accepted the role in Snakes on a Plane for the title.
Some animals developed an immunity to snake venom.
Don’t wash a snake bite wound.