Fiver in Watership Down

Steve in Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

Skipper in Madagascar

Milo And Otis

Fritz the Cat

Remy in Ratatouille


Mumble in Happy Feet

Aslan in The Chronicles Of Narnia

Sid in Ice Age

Stuart Little

Pongo in 101 Dalmatians

Camel in Road To Morocco

Chance in Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Iorek Byrnison in The Golden Compass

Crush in Finding Nemo

Bletch in Meet The Feebles

Blood in A Boy And His Dog

Po in Kung Fu Panda

Horse singers in Three Amigos!

Falcor in The Neverending Story

Timothy Q Mouse in Dumbo

Ape in George Of The Jungle

Fin Raziel in Willow

Mr Tinkles in Cats & Dogs

The Cockroaches in Joes Apartment

Tigger in The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh

Dr Zaius in Planet Of The Apes


Cowardly Lion in The Wizard Of Oz


Dory in Finding Nemo

Roger Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Kermit the Frog in The Muppets