Why living well matters

Watch your weight

Brush your teeth

Get your eyes checked

Breathe deeply

Don’t overmedicate

Tend to your tootsies

Strengthen your skeleton

Replace worn hips

Book a flu shot—every year

Reconsider HRT

Don’t neglect your rump

Never skip breakfast

Prioritize plant protein

Cut back on red meat

Grill or bake your fish

Stay hydrated

But avoid sugary drinks

Cook from scratch

Use a smaller dish

Cut back on booze

Add more tomatoes

Go nuts

Go ahead, drink more coffee

Embrace housework (you’ll thank yourself!)

Take up a new sport

Bring your earbuds for exercise

Bond with nature

Stand when you talk on the phone

Find excuses to walk

Jog up the stairs

Make friends

Get enough sleep

Turn up the heat

Manage stress

Listen to nature

Don’t take work home

Hunt for silver linings

Take piano lessons or join a choir

Improve your listening skills

Get a roommate

Live closer to amenities

Share the load

Avoid third-hand smoke

Pop a vitamin D

Manage your temperature