Be nicer.

Stay on top of the news—maybe just not on TV.

Practice yoga.

Cut down on meat.

Get married.

Sleep naked.

Laugh more.

Eat nuts.

Be conscientious.

Try an intermittent fast.

Move to Hawaii.

Lift weights.

Embrace the aging process.

Don't eat takeout.

Take a stand.

Turn off the TV.

Walk fast.

Consider becoming an expat.

Change your altitude.

Marry someone younger.

Don't go to bed angry.

And if you get divorced, stay social.

Brush and floss.

Drink coffee.

But don't go crazy.

Keep learning.

Look good.

Live in a city.

Cope with any childhood trauma.

And reframe it in a positive light.

Find your spirituality.


Eat blueberries.

Eat less.

Cut the sugar.

Get your omega-3s.


Think about death.

Slow your resting heart rate.

Eat spinach.

Always take the stairs.

Go easy on the processed meats.

Work out 150 minutes per week.

Make friends at work.

Smile like you mean it.

Wash your hands.

Run—in moderation.

Eat broccoli.

Find a reason to live.

Be rich.

Get a pet.

Get enough sleep…

…but not too much.

Have more sex.

Become more religious.

And if you're going to church, join the choir.

Make healthy changes.

Hope for a daughter if you're a man.

Take more vacations.

Have a couple of kids.

Eat Mediterranean.


As you can!


Don't retire.

Eat more fiber.

Don't go crazy with vitamin supplements.

Drink Greek coffee.

Swim more often.

Keep your mind active.

Live in a blue state.

Be creative.

Add some events to your social calendar.

Explore new territory.

Work hard.

Eat tomatoes.


Don't work for a jerk.

Only eat when you're hungry.

Drink in moderation.

Guzzle green tea.

Blast belly fat.

Take precautions against colon cancer.

Be realistic.

Eat yogurt.

Drink apple juice.

Get preventative care.

Protect your skin from the sun.

Go to bed one hour earlier.

Analyze your family tree.

Dump soda—even diet.

Eat salmon.

Get your vitamin K.

Be adaptable.

Mind your cholesterol.

Feel in control and worthwhile.

Eat sweet potatoes and turmeric.

Quit smoking.

Know that it's never too late.

Enjoy life.